Insert 14,000 k page with typos here


they look like dok skratch


who the fuck is doc scratch btw? i've heard about him but who is he? -WeeabooAnon who really needs an account k i'm getting one

question answerEdit

he's a felt member guy who has no face

ANONs are liek him btu he has difrent colrs

pLeasuing and stuff?Edit

sensitvine chests and stufs like niples lower thatn on humasn for pintopoint pleasur

where is the poffo i need pofo now

rip a piece out the anno medical book lustANON



od guys stop this for serious. I CANT TYPO EASILY.

anyways theres uh. wat is pfoo?

organsms? yes they have thme.

pensis adn vagnias? no just clocal thingy

Moar AntomonyEdit

they ahve stomcahs yse. they cna eat.

of course

there eres aer repitlian. leik jsut ohles

mslel liek snkaes with tounge

orgasms againEdit

while they have orgasms they don't have ejaculations.


Anonymous reproduce in an 'odd' way. At least, compared to humans. They have to file out paperwork, prick their thumb, leave a bloody thumbprint on the paper, and make sure to coat stamps with a little bit more saliva so that some can be obtained. It's then sent to some weird place where they use it all to determine how the babby annon should be and stuff. Then babby annon is sent to the anon parents. They're basically genderless because of this.

how anons get their names Edit

from the word anonymationbia which in japanese means mysterious people



so one time loving also known as debonirmgot made loving and then it took off


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