Loving Anon without his hat

Loving Anon was the first anonymous created on Formspring . He represents love, or Matesprits.


Loving uses Heartkind. He carries around a sack of stuffed, plush hearts and throws them at people. Though, in the Anonquest comic it is said he uses Candykind.


Loving's first anonymous friend was Lust Anon, back then known as Shy Anon. He attempted to make him get over his shy nature, but overall didn't help at all. He then got to know SBAHJ, Matchmaker, Rage, Nerd, Gentleman and Grammar. He and Rage only became friends not too long ago.

He has also allowed Bit and J/Wallace into his home, and they are his roommates.

In his first relationship with Art.


Loving w/hat

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